The UK’s first fully open fast charging network


Suffolk County Council is on a journey to create the greenest county.
Together with EO Charging & Bulb, we have launched the UK’s first truly open public electric vehicle fast charging network.

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No more memberships


No more RFID cards


No more apps


Simple Pay-As-You-Go electric vehicle charging, just as it should be.


By encouraging local businesses to adopt EV charging stations from just £1.99/charger/day, Plug In Suffolk will give local residents, businesses, and visitors the confidence to buy electric vehicles and charge on the go!

We know that installing charging stations can be expensive. Plug In Suffolk and EO aim to relieve this burden by funding, installing, maintaining, and operating the charging stations in partnership with local installers and Bulb, the affordable green energy supplier. All charging stations will join the Plug-In Suffolk open network, displayed on the map below and on EO’s App.


I’m a local business and interested - what do I get?


• Fully funded installation of EO fast chargers

  • Fully operated and maintained, including EO’s premium service package

  • Automated contactless payment processing – You keep 90% of charging revenue!

  • Powered by green energy from Bulb (optional)


Charging Package

EO Pay + 2-4 EO Chargers

EO Chargers available:

- 7kW: 25 miles of driving per hour of charge
- 11kW: 40 miles of driving per hour of charge
-22kW: 80 miles of driving per hour of charge

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Want to join the Plug In Suffolk network?


Simply fill in the form below and one of the EO Charging team will get back to you within two working days.


Find your nearest charger

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